About Us

Lamblight Catholic School was established in October 2003 by Marc & Margot Lopez, Carl & Nina Lopez, Gretchen Varela, Nora Varela and Jaime & Suzette Montalvo as a response to God’s call to equip children to become Christian leaders.

Starting with only a preschool program, Lamblight currently has opened its high school department and has become an educational institution recognized by the Department of Education.  We are distinguished to be the only Catholic progressive preschool, elementary and high school in the community.  Our mission since the beginning is to prepare students for their destiny as Christian Leaders.

Vision and Mission
Vision: To see the light of Christ shining brightly in all of our students worldwide!
Mission: To develop Christian leaders!

Lamblight Distinction

The distinct components of Lamblight’s program are as follows:

  Academic Excellence.
At Lamblight, your child achieves academic excellence in a challenging but less stressful way through Individualized Instruction (II), this translates into a passion to discover, investigate and learn!
  Building on Brilliance.
Integral to the program is the development of your child’s unique interests, talents or brilliance. As early as preschool, we help him discover his gifts and special interests, then hone these to levels of excellence.


At preschool, life skills are taught for independence and self-care. At the elementary level, communication and time management skills are introduced. The capstone of the school’s life skills program is the Entrepreneurship course in high school, where your child’s leadership and academic skills are put into actual practice.


Christian Leadership.
Fusing together the entire program is a Christian Leadership curriculum, that begins as early as preschool progressing to high school. Wherein, your child’s identity as a child of God is established in a community culture of prayer and service.