Lamblight Homeschooling

There are generally two types of home schooling, school-at-home, and home schooling. School-at-home is doing everything your child is suppose to be doing with a class and a professional teacher in a traditional learning institution, except that you do it yourself in your own living room. This can be very stressful. Home schooling on the other hand is making learning a part of your life style. We are here to help you to smoothly integrate homeschooling into your family life!

Benefits of Homeschooling

Positive Socialization. “What about socialization?” That is a common question. There is positive and negative socialization. Homeschoolers are generally positively socialized. They are respectful, not just to adults, but also to other children. They can confidently converse with others and tend to be good listeners. Why? because they have you to model it! Contrast this with a traditional classroom that have 30 to 45 other classmates who can teach and model to your child how to say “bad words,” speak behind a teacher’s back, or bully others – in homeschooling there is you to model positive socialization!

Friendships can be found in relatives, extracurricular activities, networking with other homeschool families, membership in teams (e.g. dance classes, taekwondo centers, etc) and joining special events in Lamblight’s Main Campus.

Academic Excellence. Homeschooling is the best way to instill academic excellence as you will be teaching your child with consideration for his or her own learning learning style, pace, and personal interest.

In a traditional school you cannot choose what books are appropriate for your child’s learning style. In homeschooling you choose what materials are best for your child! In a regular class with over 30 students, your child needs to “run after” the pace of all her classmates even before she can understand or master a particular skill. On the other hand, your child can always study a particular topic of interest in depth as you will have more time to answer her questions and extend time spent on the topic.

In homeschooling the world is your classroom! The opportunities to learn is endless. You can go on a field trip every week! The depth of knowledge is without boundaries – you can study your child’s interest the entire school year!

Development of Brilliance. Integral to the homeschool program is the development of your child’s unique interests, talents or brilliance.  Homeschooling affords your child the luxury to spend more time doing what he is really good at.  Our goal is to help you assist your child in  discovering  his or her brilliance wether it be in sports, arts, music, dance, language, social work etc. and hone his gifts and talents to levels of excellence for God’s greater glory!

Real World Equipping. Will homeschooling shelter my children from the real world?  Yes, your children will be sheltered from bullies, negative influence, and infection from school-born viruses under your protection.  Isn’t that a very wise choice?  Until they are of age, homeschooling gives you the chance to train them to defend themselves, stand up for what they believe in, respectfully debate, discern truth from lies, find and use reliable information.

Good Health. Time spent to commute to school can be use to get adequate sleep.  At home your child is free of flu or viruses she can pick up from school.  You can opt to serve your child with the healthiest meal during recess!  Your home is her cafeteria!  And while your still training her to stand up for herself, your child will be in a truly bully free environment – your home!

Discipleship. Homeschooling is one of the best ways to deepen and strengthen your relationship with your child.  It guarantees you quality time with her!  And we know of no better way to nurture your child’s most important relationship –  with Jesus Christ!

Initial Questions

Am I qualified to teach? We believe that moms and dads are the best teachers! What are the qualifications?  Just the fundamentals: reading, writing, and arithmetic.  And openness to learn and love for your child!  You have all that!

Some parents say, “I struggle with algebra!” Acknowledged. Unlike traditional education, where teachers are seen as the “source” of all knowledge, we see the best teachers as facilitators.  Your responsibility is to impart in your child the skill to find other resources and use them effectively.

May I Homeschool if I work? If you have and 8 to 5 full-time job, it can be very challenging.  For homeschooling to work, one parent needs to have a flexible or work from home schedule.  This is so, especially for children from Preschool to around Grade 3.  Homeschooled high school students can generally work independently with less parental supervision.

An option for families with both parents working outside the home is Lamblight’s Teacher Assisted Program (TAP).  This is our homeschool hybrid where you have our professional teachers assisting you.

Is Homeschooling approved by the Department of Education? Yes! Lamblight’s Homeschooling Program is approved by the Philippine Department of Education (DepEd).   In compliance with the DepEd accreditation requirements your child is officially enrolled with Lamblight’s Main Campus in Bacolod City, Philippines.  As such the school will be keeping records and transcripts of your child and enable a smooth transfer of records to a conventional school system when it’s time for college or when you opt out of homeschooling.  Your child may also join the main campuses Commencement and Moving-Up Exercises if you want to.