Philosophy and Methods

exccellence2Educational Philosophy

We are passionate about bringing out the best in every child by developing the following:


Academic Excellence.  

At Lamblight, your child achieves academic excellence in a challenging but engaging way through Progressive Education.

Building on Brilliance.  

Integral to the program is the development of your child’s unique interests, talents or brilliance.  As early as preschool, we help them discover their gifts and special interests, then hone these to levels of excellence.  Through regular mentoring and guidance, we will prepare children for their God-given purpose/mission in life.

Christian Leadership.  Fusing together the entire program is a Christian Leadership curriculum that begins as early as preschool progressing to high school, where your child’s identity as a child of God is established in a community culture of prayer and service.




Methods of Teaching

We believe that Progressive Education is the best approach in achieving our goals in developing Christian Leaders.  These are the components of our educational approach:


Small Class Sizes

Classes are limited to 10-16 students per teacher to ensure that your child’s needs are catered to.


Multi-Age Philosophy

Classes are grouped into 2-3 age groups to enhance collaborative learning.


Individualized Educational Plan

Goals are set specific to each student depending on their personal level. 


Multiple Intelligence

Each child’s unique giftedness is celebrated and honed.


Experiential Learning

We encourage learning by doing, which is one of the most effective ways of teaching.


Multi-sensory Approach 

Learning happens through the different learning styles – Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic.


Engaging Learning Environment

Students learn best in a conducive and engaging learning environment.


Project Approach

Project/theme based integrated learning that builds on natural curiosity, enabling children to interact, question, connect, problem-solve, communicate, reflect and more. Authentic learning that extends beyond the classroom to the world. This enables children to become active participants in learning real life.