Rylonne Ponce

placeholder-profile“Lamblight… and the many reasons why.
When my husband and I first went to Lamblight Catholic School for inquiry, the first thing that we noticed was its atmosphere. Children were happily running around the school grounds, all from different ages, playing with each other. The older ones were doing hide and seek with the little ones. The latter would even piggy back with the former. They were all enjoying and having fun together. As we walked down the hall, most of them stopped to greet us a good afternoon. Some even initiated small talk with us, all of them we don’t know. Needless to say, their ease and fluency in English was very evident. Our first impression was nothing but impressive!
After the inquiry and meeting with Teacher Colley, without saying a word yet to each other, my husband and I knew in our heart and mind that this is where we want our son to go and grow. Hence, it was an easy and a mutual decision to send Anton to this school.
It didn’t take long for us to know and see that we didn’t only make the right choice, but the best one at that.
The approach is personal. Each child is important and each one has their own unique potential and strength. This is what Lamblight believes in and this is what they strive to discover and harness. In the same manner that when weaknesses are identified, whether academically or behaviorally, they are addressed promptly and accordingly, with the goal to either correct or aid them in the most appropriate, effective and best way they know how.
Learning is also very personal. It is a lot of things. It’s tailor-suited, selected (only whatever is deemed beneficial today and in the future- none of those voluminous, unnecessary so-called projects and lessons), made more interesting and significant (having real-life applications and activities on the field and actual, visual exposure to current lessons), and most of all, FUN. All these make learning more effective because they are retained and understood, not merely memorized and forgotten.
School events such as Linggo ng Wika, Foundation Day, Intramurals, etc , are simple but well-thought of, well-planned and well-executed. Again, with the goal to learn, instill values and enjoy at the same time.
Children are encouraged to express themselves by voicing out their opinions and telling their stories. Each one is given the chance to speak on the stage and in the class thereby developing their confidence and social skills.
Lamblight and the reasons why could go on and on. They continue to add up as each schoolyear passes by. The great thing is being in it and discovering them.
Our kids are learning. They are having fun. We got the best of both worlds.”